Permanent RGB Lights

Bright Lights now offers permanent color-changing lighting with technology that makes it easy to select static colors or color-changing scenes. On residential homes, they make perfect permanent Christmas lights, and can also be used to highlight structures like pergolas and pool houses. The RGB technology allows you to customize colors and program light sequences for year-round enjoyment.

 Commercial properties will love the ease of switching up lighting colors to promote sales, events and year-round holidays. Running a one-day sale? Set your lights to flash red. Hosting a dinner event? Soften the lighting with warm hues. Change them to red, white, and blue to celebrate 4th of July. The possibilities are endless!

 Our cost-effective LED lighting system eliminates recurring installation and maintenance expenses while reducing high electricity bills. The lighting system is weatherproof and permanent, which means you will not have to spend time hanging exterior lights ever again. The LED lights are housed inside a decorative molding that blends in with the architecture of your home or commercial building and are barely visible during the day.

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